• Our Adult Karate and Self-Defense class blends the fantastic benefits of traditional Japanese karate with the self-protection skills needed for the street.

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  • We specialize in self-protection, including our Level 1 & 2 Women's Self-Defense Classes.

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    • Realtor Self-Protection Classes

    • The shocking killing of an Arkansas real estate agent in 2014 was a wake up call to the real estate industry -- that it can be a dangerous business. According to Inman News, "In 2010, fatalities (of real estate professionals) reached their highest level since at least 2003: 63. Assaults and violent acts accounted for the largest share of deaths, prompting Inman News to to publish a three-part series focusing on personal safety." And Realtor.org's 2015 Safety Member Safety Report reported that 40% of realtors surveyed "experienced a situation that made them fear for their personal safety or safety of their personal information."

      Kaizen Karate & Self-Defense is excited to announce our new self protection class for real estate professionals. This three-hour comprehensive class covers the following:

      1. Previewing a home and neighborhood / using an advance procedure to protect yourself

      2. Developing a self-defense safety checklist

      3. Using awareness, assertive behavior and body language to making yourself a "hard target" to predators

      4. Reading body language and micro-expressions to determine intent

      5. Showing a home one-on-one: body positioning and spacing

      6. Verbal self-defense skills: using your voice to de-escalate a potentially violent situation and to get the other person to leave / the power of the word "No"

      7. Physical self-defense skills: striking with palms, knees, elbows, and kicking

      8. Protecting yourself from common grab attacks: wrists, hair grab, choke, headlock

      9. Protecting yourself when the bad guy has a knife or gun

      10. Choosing the proper tool for self-protection: If you choose to carry one, what do you choose? We'll discuss firearms, pepper spray, kubatons and improvised weapons

      This class is $50 per person for groups of 4 or more, or $100 for an individual private lesson. We are currently scheduling these classes on a private basis -- if you'd like to schedule a class, call 970-217-0501.