• Give your child the gift of confidence, leadership, respect, focus & discipline with our Kids Martial Arts classes. 

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  • Our Small Samurai Class (for children ages 3-5) introduces the children to karate basics in a fun environment.

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  • Our Adult Karate and Self-Defense class blends the fantastic benefits of traditional Japanese karate with the self-protection skills needed for the street.

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  • Get a great workout and learn self-defense with our kickboxing classes!

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  • Check out our awesome Karate Classes Trial Offer: Get at T-Shirt and 4 Classes for $49 -- register on the home page of our website!

    • Concealed Carry Classes

    • Our next Concealed Carry Class is scheduled for 1 p.m. on Saturday, July 13 at our studio in Windsor! We are also offering our Women's Self-Defense Class at 10 a.m. Save $20 when you register for both! REGISTER FOR THESE CLASSES ON THE WOMEN'S SELF-DEFENSE PAGE OF OUR WEBSITE. 

      Kaizen Karate & Self-Defense is proud to partner with Seth Stern at High Mountain Security Ltd. to offer concealed carry classes at our studio! 

      This course includes a heavy focus on firearms safety, responsibilities, methods of carry, concerns, mentality and legalities of concealed carry, concluding with instructor Seth Stern guiding you through the process of applying for your Colorado CCW permit. This class is focused on the mindset necessary to carry firearms in public.

      We offer public classes several times a year, but we can also offer private classes as a combo with our Women's Defense Classes, and you receive a discount when you book the classes together. Call us 970-217-0501 or email us at novictimpledge@gmail.com.