• We are open and enrolling new students! We are currently doing small classes in accordance with the health, safety and social distancing guidelines for personal training set forth by the State of Colorado. NEW STUDENT INFORMATION: You may register for our trial offer on our website and we will contact you to get you scheduled. Please call us at 970-217-0501 for more information!

    • Level Two Women’s Self Defense Class


      Our Level Two Women's Self-Defense Class moves beyond our "Refuse To Be A Victim" Women's Self-Defense Class to more advanced skills and is approximately 2.5 - 3 hours. You must take the Level One Class prior to the Level Two Class. 

      We cover how to protect yourself if you are knocked to the ground -- learning how to fall safely, and how to keep your attacker from getting on top of you, how to get up quickly and escape, and how to get the attacker off if he does get on top of you. We also work on how to tuck and roll if you are hit from behind and knocked over. (We can modify this part of the class for ladies with bad backs or injuries.)

      Next we work on how to deal with multiple attackers, two or three coming at you -- how to move to position yourself and striking. 

      Then we work on additional grab attacks we didn't learn in the Level One Class. These attacks include a bear hug from the front and behind, rear and side chokes, advanced wrist grabs, and the attacker grabbing you from behind and putting his hand over your mouth and trying to drag you away. We also work on how to protect yourself from a sucker punch.

      The final part of the class we work on basic knife, gun and club/bat self-defense. The gun and knife is based on the "stick-up" scenario -- where the bad guy in front of you is trying to get you to come with him by holding a knife or gun. You learn how to knock the knife away, kick the attacker and run, and you learn how to blade your body and grab the gun and fight so you can get away. With the club/bat, you learn how to "stuff" the attack and fight to get away. 

      Visit our Women's Self-Defense Class page for a schedule of our upcoming public classes, or call us to schedule a private class at 970-217-0501!