• We are open and enrolling new students! We are currently doing small classes in accordance with the health, safety and social distancing guidelines for personal training set forth by the State of Colorado. NEW STUDENT INFORMATION: You may register for our trial offer on our website and we will contact you to get you scheduled. Please call us at 970-217-0501 for more information!

    • Women’s Self Defense Classes

    • We are currently scheduling private classes -- our last Public Class was in January 2020, and we'll be scheduling another public class later this summer. Check back or contact us about scheduling a private class! 

      Our "Refuse to be a Victim" Women's Self-Defense Class Level One is approximately two hours and covers verbal self-defense, awareness, body language, assertive behavior, basic striking with elbows, palms, knees and kicks, and wrist and grab escapes. This class is designed to give you the basic skills you need to refuse to be a victim of a violent crime and to make you a "hard target" for criminals. (You must take this class prior to taking our Level Two Women's Self-Defense Class.)

      We add new things to this class frequently based on real-world events. For example, because of the Oregon community college shooting, we've added the active shooter scenario of attacking the gunman before he can line us up against the wall, or move us to a part of the room, where he will then execute everyone.

      This class is an excellent way to introduce yourself to self-protection if you’ve never had any training, and a it's a blast with your teenage children and/or a group of friends!

      While this class focuses on self protection and empowerment for women, husbands and boyfriends are welcome to take the class also. We offer public classes several times a year, but we also do private classes with groups frequently. Call us for more information or to schedule your own private class if our public class doesn't fit into your schedule.

      Unless noted below, we offer these classes at our location in Windsor, Colorado -- 1180 W Ash Street #100, which is located behind Taco Bell, and next to Windsor Family Dentistry. We can also come to you if you’d like to do a private class at your location.

      Here are the registration links to our upcoming classes! Please select the class below you'd like to attend, and you'll be taken to a secure PayPal page to register with your credit card or PayPal account. Once you've registered, you'll receive an email confirmation within 24 hours. You can also call us with questions and register over the phone at (970) 217-0501.

      If you've taken this class, we now have our Level Two Class available!


    • All sales are final. Kaizen Karate & Self-Defense does not give credit and/or refunds for classes missed due to holiday, vacation, illness, weather, etc. Payment for all classes (including, but not limited to, karate & self-defense classes, women's self-defense classes, private lessons, summer camp classes) is required prior to attending the class.  Thank you for your business!