• Our Adult Karate and Self-Defense class blends the fantastic benefits of traditional Japanese karate with the self-protection skills needed for the street.

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  • Give your child the gift of confidence, leadership, respect, focus & discipline with our Kids Martial Arts classes. 

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  • Our Small Samurai Class (for children ages 3-5) introduces the children to karate basics in a fun environment.

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  • We specialize in self-protection, including our Level 1 & 2 Women's Self-Defense Classes.

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  • Check out our AWESOME Trial Offer for karate classes: get four classes and a T-Shirt for $40! Register on the home page of our website.

    • Check out our NoVictimsHere YouTube Channel. Kaizen Karate has filmed several videos demonstrating techniques and possible scenarios that can be covered in our self-defense classes. We invite you take a look, and contact us if you have questions or want to inquire about a self-defense class.

    • Wrist Grab Abduction Scenario

      Protecting Yourself from Being Choked with a Bag/Purse Strap


      Protecting Yourself Against a Double Collar Grab Attack


      Protecting Yourself Against a Sucker Punch


      Protecting Yourself Against a Front Choke Attack


      Protecting Yourself Against an Attempted Abduction


      Protecting Yourself Against an Headlock / Attempted Abduction