Parents - we had such an amazing Colorado Springs tournament and are grateful for your ongoing support of not only your children, but of the dojo as well.

As many of you know, the Springs tournament is where we have the extra benefit of spending the weekend with our karate friends and family at the Great Wolf Lodge. It is a fantastic time for the kids, as well as the adults.

However, due to COVID and the restrictions on capacity—and the subsequent inflated prices on remaining available rooms—left many of you without the ability to make this a part of your tournament weekend. Due to this, we have contacted The Great Wolf Lodge for a reserved block of rooms for next year's tournament at an exceptional savings versus public rates. Essentially, their "best" room here is the same price as their "basic" room is to the public.

If you are not familiar with the Great Wolf Lodge and the amenities provided within your stay—hotel, water park, bowling, mini golf, build-a-bear, restaurants, bars, and more—we encourage you to check them out to see if this is something you wish to participate in for the 2022 Colorado Springs tournament.

The following is a simple poll to gauge interest of those who wish to stay at the GWL at the Springs tournament, and if so, what type of room you would most likely choose.

You are not committing to book or pay for your choice at this time. This is merely to gauge interest and provide the GWL sales team an idea of how many families would likely make this the hotel of choice on tournament weekend and what room-type you would likely choose for the size of your family and travel budget.

Once we have a general idea of numbers and room types, we will go back to GWL and then can begin the room rate negotiation and subsequent booking process at that time.

Room Choices - 4 Available - with links for more info

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$165 / NIGHT ($325 / NIGHT FOR PUBLIC)

   — Sleeps 4 (+1 at add'l cost) with two queen size beds and a pull-out sofa sleeper.

See deluxe queen suite on GWL website --->



$190 / NIGHT ($355 / NIGHT FOR PUBLIC)

   — Sleeps 4 (+2 at add'l cost) with two queen size beds and a pull-out sofa sleeper.

See family suite on GWL website --->

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><b><u>FAMILY SUITE</u></b></a>


$240 / NIGHT ($475 / NIGHT FOR PUBLIC)

   — Sleeps 4 (+2 at add'l cost) with a master bedroom with king bed and two queen size beds.

See royal wolf suite on GWL website --->



$265 / NIGHT ($575 / NIGHT FOR PUBLIC)

   — Sleeps 6 (+3 at add'l cost) with a master bedroom including a king-size bed, full-size sofa sleeper, and a TV while the main living area includes two queen beds, a twin-size sleeper chair, and a second TV.

See majestic wolf suite on GWL website --->