The Kaizen Karate Team

"Kaizen" is the Japanese term for “continuous improvement,” and we believe that epitomizes what Karate and self-defense training is all about. We opened our doors in 2014 with a mission to bring the wonderful life skill of self-protection to children and adults alike in the Windsor area.



Shihan Matt Schildt  |  Owner

Shihan Matt Schildt, the owner of Kaizen Karate & Self-Defense, has been a martial artist for 23 years.

Before opening Kaizen Karate & Self-Defense in 2014, Schildt trained in karate and Tae Kwon Do from 1984-91, then resumed his karate training in 2005 under Master Charles Orchard at Total Ryu Martial Arts. Schildt taught for three years under Orchard in the Total Ryu children's karate class, and also trained for five years in Orchard's Adrenalized Confrontation Training (ACT), which is regarded as one of the best practical self-defense programs available, and has been taught to police and military personnel.

In 2016, two years after opening his own school, Schildt joined the Colorado Karate Association (CKA). He began training under Grand Master Jerry Davis, Grand Master Ben Ramsey, and Master Todd Jonas. In March 2021, Grand Master Davis (9th Dan) promoted Schildt to 5th Degree Black Belt and Shihan (Master Instructor).


Sensei Jackson Marshall

Sensei Jackson Marshall started training at Kaizen Karate & Self-Defense in 2015, at the age of 13, after four prior years of martial arts training. He quickly became a Class Leader, then a Kohai (junior instructor), then Senpai (chief assistant to the Sensei) at 1st Degree Black Belt.

In March 2021, Shihan Matt promoted Marshall to 2nd Degree Black Belt and Sensei.


Kohai Mason Schildt

Kohai Mason started training in Karate when he was five years old, and he earned his Junior Black Belt in 2017 at the age of 11. He became a Kohai (junior instructor) a year later, and he assists Shihan Matt and Sensei Jack with the Small Samurai and Kids Classes. Kohai Mason earned his 3rd Level Junior Black Belt in December 2020 and is training to earn his 1st Degree Black Belt.


Kohai Harlee MacDonald

Kohai Harlee has been training with Kaizen Karate since she was 7 years old. A karate stand-out very early on, Harlee earned the rank of Kohai due to her knowledge and ability to work with others in class. Harlee earned her Junior Black Belt in April 2021, and is training to earn her 1st Degree Black Belt.

Harlee is currently a 2020 Colorado Karate Associate (CKA) double state champion in both kata and sparring, and is well on her way to repeating this feat in 2021.


Morgan Schildt  |  Media Manager

Morgan started training in Karate at the age of 7, but when she became a teenager she found her true passion in theatre. She manages content creation for our social media platforms and website, including filming and editing our self-defense and promotional videos. When she is not working at the dojo, she is out performing a play, singing a song, or painting the things around her. Morgan also does our kickboxing classes.