Womens' Self-Defense Classes


We are currently teaching private group classes and lessons for our Level 1 and Level 2 women's self-defense classes. Please contact us at 970-217-0501 for more information and availability!

All participants in our self-defense classes receive a self-defense keychain, which we teach you how to use in the class!

Our "Refuse to be a Victim" Women's Self-Defense Classes and private lessons are typically held at our karate and self-defense studio at 1180 West Ash Street in Windsor, but we can also come to you if you’d like to do a private class at your location. Call 970-217-0501 for more information. 

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Level one and level two classes information

Our Level One "Refuse to be a Victim" Women's Self-Defense Class is approximately 2.5 hours and covers verbal self-defense, awareness, body language, assertive behavior, basic striking with elbows, palms, knees and kicks, and wrist and grab escapes. 

This class includes how to fight to escape an attempted abduction, and we also do an active shooter drill where we learn how to attack the shooter.  

This class is designed to give you the basic skills you need to refuse to be a victim of a violent crime and to make you a "hard target" for criminals.

This class is open to teenagers and adults. If your children are younger than 13, and you'd like them to take the class, please call us 970-217-0501.

Our Level One Class is an excellent way to introduce yourself to self-protection if you’ve never had any training, and a it's a blast with your teenage children and/or a group of friends!


Our Level Two Women's Self-Defense Class moves beyond our "Refuse To Be A Victim" Women's Self-Defense Class to more advanced skills and is approximately 3.5 hours.

We cover how to:

  • Protect yourself if you are knocked to the ground
  • Fall safely and keep your attacker from getting on top of you
  • Get up quickly and escape
  • Get the attacker off if he/she does get on top of you
  • How to deal with multiple attackers
  • Move to position yourself for striking

Lastly, we work on additional grab attacks we didn't learn in the Level One Class. These attacks include:

  • Bear hug from the front and behind
  • Rear and side chokes
  • Advanced wrist grabs
  • Attacker grabbing you from behind and trying to drag you away.
  • Avoid a sucker punch

The final part of the class we work on basic knife, gun and club/bat self-defense.

Visit our Women's Self-Defense Class page for a schedule of our upcoming public classes, or call us to schedule a private class at (970) 217-0501.

LEVEL TWO CLASS is only offered in a private class format. If you've completed Level One and would like to schedule a Level Two class, please call us at 970-217-0501.